Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to join the FCA?

   FCA Membership

Can I register chiropractors that work for me under my FCA membership?

   No, each DC must register separately under his/her name and license number.

How quickly are my CEs reported to the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine (FBOCM), and what is the reporting process?

   All CEs achieved at FCA events are reported complimentary to you and to the Department of Health (FBOCM) via CE Broker. FCA will send your Certificate to you, 2-3 weeks after an event. Be sure to review your Continuing Education Credit on this certificate upon receipt. A permanent upload to CE Broker will be completed 30 Days after the last convention day.

Please Note: If you hold a license in another state than FL, you are responsible for self-reporting.

How do I locate a copy of my CE Certificate(s)?

   You can obtain all FCA attendance certificates by logging into your FCA Account, and viewing them under "CE Certificates". This is the last tab where you logged in.
Non-Members please contact FCA to request a copy.

I chose "Express" but have not received my badge in the mail.

   Please check your Registration Invoice to be sure it reflects your choice of "Express Badge" option, also on the invoice, please review the mailing address. If you still have questions, contact us here. An FCA Staff Member will walk you through your next steps.

How do I accrue CE Hours if I have a license in another state?

   Classes offered at FCA events are typically approved for license renewal CE in 45 states other than Florida. If you don’t have specific topics that are required by your state for license renewal, simply attend the classes of your choice and visit the attendance desk at the specified times, to track your total accrued attendance hours. Your attendance certificate will reflect the total hours you documented at the attendance desk, located in the convention area. If you need one or more of the “required” topics being offered for Florida renewal or if your state of license requires in-class attendance procedures, attend classes using the in-class scanning procedures described on site, so that you can document your class hours in those special topics. The various states do not follow a single standard in approving courses for license renewal CE. If individual states make some exceptions (either not approving all classes or imposing special attendance requirements for CE), these exceptions will be posted for your easy review on a bulletin board at or near the FCA Badge Pick-up Desk.